Hey! It has been so long since I wrote here on Medium. There were many things that has happened over months. I was scrolling and found out that my last entry was about being stuck in this house due to lockdown. Well, guess what??? PH is still in lockdown. No progress yet. Imagine?? Really incompetent. But I don’t want to dive into those terrible problems.

Tonight, I am writing because I dont have anybody to talk to at this time. I want to share with you some of the great highlights that has occurred in my life the past months (will be doing this in bullets).

  • I am handling St. Lucy for 20–21. No words to express how lucky I am to be assigned to 34 intelligent girls. But a few number of my parents are really…. I don’t want to elaborate.
  • Boss still ??????. Seriously we are entering 2021 and yet she does not show any progress when it comes to her old, classic habits in treating her teachers.
  • Initially enrolled myself in two classes, but I dropped my sped elective. I admit that there were hesitations in the process. I even had to consult my Ara to help me out. Some context: Since 20–21 is situated in online learning setup, my sped prof was being so unfair by just giving so much readings (+more) and scheduling a requirement urgently. I mean, it was bad timing then. I was adjusting to the new ICA setup (+ boss??) and receiving emails with many attachments in it is just plain gruesome for me. I retained reading class and I must say that it was really challenging, but worth it. I was one of the few who bravely placed myself into MA class in ODL. I am proud of myself. I was good in that class. (*fingers crossed* for a good grade)
  • Holiday at the moment. Entered the K-pop world (once again) because of BTS. My boys — the true source of my happiness. I'm so gaining endorphins just by watching them. I love all 7 of them but of course having a bias is unavoidable. Mine is Jimin. One bullet on my to-do list is to buy a pet fish which I will call Jimin, and some succulents in which other BTS members’ names will be used. (just awhile ago, boss sent me the revised worksheets/assessments I made. As usual, here she goes again with being so meticulous in English. I know I cannot resign. It’s my loss, actually, never hers. I just wanna think that whenever she does these psychotic things again, I will just watch BTS. She seriously does not deserve my time and energy. In 2021, I want to be tougher. Stronger. And only care to/mind those people to are important, and boss is not one of them. So if circumstances like this happen, I will shrug her off like she’s nothing. She is really nothing to me but a boss who checks all papers.

So far, that is it. I feel happy to have written here again. I hope I can manage to continue this despite all the things that I wanna do (paint by numbers, jigsaw puzzles etc. etc.)

Tbh, this is way better that writing on paper. See ya!